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Please Note: It is not uncommon for your Pedors Size to be quite a bit different from the size that may have been worn most recently, or your "usual size". This is particularly true for people with swollen feet where longer shoes may have been fitted to gain extra volume (which can lead to tripping).  Pedors shoes are available in widths up to XXX-Wide to accommodate the extra girth needed for a swollen foot and as such don't need to be ordered longer than is measured.
Once you have determined your indicated size and width you can check your foot girth too for extra piece of mind.  A link will be displayed after you submit this form, or you can click here now.

Step 1. Stand (Or Sit)
Ideally the person being measured should be in a standing position, but seated is OK.

Place their stockinged feet on a piece of paper. (For bandaged or compression wrapped feet, trace the foot with the bandages/wraps on).

Step 2. Trace
Trace around the feet, making sure to keep the pen vertical so the tracing is as accurate as possible.

Step 3. Measure
From the tracings measure the longer of the two feet and make a note of it.

Then measure the wider of the two feet (at the ball of the foot where it is widest) and make a note of that too.



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